ESG Policy

Responsible and Sustainable Investing

We do not assess ESG Factors that may have investment ramifications, and which may have a material impact on the investment’s long-term financial performance. As a result, information on ESG Factors does not form part of our investment decision making process.

Negative and positive screening

We will actively engage with our clients to understand whether they have concerns about specific activities and / or industries in order to maintain such exclusions on an on-going basis.

We also screen target companies/ products that promote and provide solutions that are consistent with ESG Factors and aims at including such products in the portfolios that we manage and positively recommend such products on an on-going basis.

Principle Adverse Impacts

We do not undertake an assessment of the Principal Adverse Impacts (“PAIs”) of our decisions on ESG Factors. PAIs are those impacts arising from a particular decision taken which we take that will eventually have a negative effect on ESG Factors.